Muckleshoot Storytelling

Like many Indigenous Peoples, the Muckleshoot Tribe and our Duwamish ancestors have relied on oral tradition to relay and preserve knowledge since time immemorial.

Through documenting Muckleshoot voices and stories today, we are carrying on the tradition of our Duwamish ancestors, and educating others about the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s heritage, culture, and sovereignty. 

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Canoe Journey 2023: Paddle to Muckleshoot

Beginning in 1989 as the Paddle to Seattle and continuing today as Paddle to Muckleshoot, Canoe Journey is a celebration of heritage and culture that connects us to our ancestors and sustains us as a Tribe.

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Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty

By the Medicine Creek and Point Elliot Treaties, the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe reserves the right to fish, hunt, and gather on non-reservation land as our Duwamish ancestors did. We give back to the land before we take from it, so it will always be there for our future.

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Muckleshoot History

Injustice, desolation, perseverance, and reclamation punctuates our story, which continues today with a renewed sense of hope and prosperity. Our survival and continued growth hinges on teaching our children about our ancestors so they may carry our mantle for generations to come.

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Advocacy & Awareness

Since settler contact, advocacy has been foundational in the Muckleshoot Tribe’s survival. From marching for our treaty rights, to preserving our Tribal identity, we will always continue fighting to protect our people and culture.

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Muckleshoot Traditional Artforms

Traditional artforms — and the ancient techniques shared to make them — provide a pathway of understanding for future generations. Our Elders pass down skills and knowledge to our children, teaching them to carve, paint, weave, and protect the touchstones of our past.

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Muckleshoot Documentaries

Learn more about Muckleshoot history, sovereignty, and culture in these short documentaries under 30 minutes.

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Honoring Our Warriors Past And Present

July 28, 2023


A History of the Muckleshoot Canoe Journey

July 21, 2023


The Salmon People's Struggle to Survive: The Story of Muckleshoot Fisheries

June 22, 2023