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Our Seattle Heritage Runs Deep

Canoe Journey 2023: Landing Day Live Stream

The Muckleshoot name and Tribe represents our Duwamish and Upper Puyallup ancestors — who moved from Puget Sound, including what is now the Seattle waterfront, to our reservation on the Muckleshoot Prairie.

We are Duwamish, Skopamish, Smulkamish, Stkamish, Tkwakwamish, and Yilalkoamish.

Our leaders signed the Treaty of Medicine Creek and the Treaty of Point Elliott to ensure that our rights to this land remain.

For more than 164 years, we’ve fought to uphold our sovereignty and heritage.

Our identity, our legacy, and our treaty rights are unique to our name and Tribe, and ours alone. We are Muckleshoot.

Behind the Scenes of Paddle to Muckleshoot

An incredible amount of work goes into preparing for the Paddle to Muckleshoot, starting more than a year before this highly anticipated, week-long event. 

Get a behind the scenes look at some of our community's preparation in our Canoe Journey playlist on Youtube.

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