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Look at Seattle Through a Muckleshoot Lens

In today’s city, we still see our ancestral homeland. Its bustling downtown waterfront holds links to our heritage. The mountains and valleys echo with the ancient beat of our drums. 

This is where our ancestors celebrated the return of the salmon. This is where we hunted, gathered, fished, and foraged. This is where we welcomed our neighbors — and still do. 

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe invites you to take a look at the Seattle region through our eyes, and learn about how we continue to protect the legacy and culture of our Duwamish ancestors.

Our Seattle Heritage Runs Deep. We are Muckleshoot.

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Through documenting Muckleshoot voices and stories today, we are carrying on the tradition of our Duwamish ancestors, and educating others about our heritage, culture, and sovereignty. 

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Alive and Well in Indian Country - Slahal, the Stick Game

Stick Game, or Slahal, has been a staple of Northwest Indian gatherings for centuries. Families from far and wide exchange songs, match wits, and preserve their culture in this raucous guessing game.

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Canoe Journey 2023: Paddle to Muckleshoot

Beginning in 1989 as the Paddle to Seattle and continuing today as Paddle to Muckleshoot, Canoe Journey is a celebration of heritage and culture that sustains us as a Tribe.

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