Muckleshoot Videos

A video thumbnail of a Muckleshoot Tribal member wearing a cedar hat, and holding a huckleberry branch to her chest.
"Muckleshoot Huckleberry Picking"
03:25 · September 20, 2022
A historical photo of a Muckleshoot Tribal member standing in a shallow canoe.
"Our Seattle Heritage"
00:30 · August 2, 2022
A video thumbnail image of a Muckleshoot Tribal member wearing a cedar hat and standing in front of a large cedar tree.
"Muckleshoot Master Carver: Gail White Eagle"
2:53 · June 14, 2022
A video thumbnail image of a hand resting on a large cedar tree log.
00:30 · April 18, 2022
A video thumbnail image of a Muckleshoot Tribal member sitting in a traditional canoe.
"We Are Muckleshoot"
00:30 · November 8, 2021
A video thumbnail image of Muckleshoot Tribal members carrying a large traditional canoe.
"Relaunch: Revitalizing the Tradition of the Muckleshoot Canoe"
11:40 · Jul 29, 2021

2022 Skopabsh Powwow


2021 Muckleshoot Powwow

A Muckleshoot woman adjusts the headdress of a Muckleshoot youth dressed in bright green regalia.A Muckleshoot woman dressed in green and yellow smiles as she dances through a crowd of other Native people in regalia.Muckleshoot warriors and veterans stand with Tribal flags, wearing large feathered headdresses and various styles of regalia.A dark red cloth banner adorned with eagle feathers bears a white, black, red, and yellow badge.
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Muckleshoot Artwork and Artifacts

A hand-carved and painted contemporary Muckleshoot paddle rests across a cedar canoe.A Muckleshoot basket, handwoven from cedar.Eleven unfinished, wooden disks lay flat, to be used in a traditional women's game.A Muckleshoot master carver sits under a covered outdoor space next to cedar canoes, while holding a model canoe in his hands.The face of a contemporary welcome figure carving. In the background, carving tools and various carvings are visible.An overhead view of a model cedar canoe, complete with panels and spears to scale.A hand-held Muckleshoot fishing net, made of cedar and other natural materials.A line of deer hooves are threaded together to be worn as a rattling anklet.Two Muckleshoot Tribal Members stand at either end of an incomplete totem pole carving, which lays on its side in an indoor workspace. In the background, piles of wood shavings and carving tools are visible.A flat piece of cedar wood threaded with cord serves as a method to carry an infant. Four Muckleshoot Tribal Members pose with two large welcome figures of a man and woman, which stand at about 10 feet high.A Muckelshoot Tribal Member holds a drum to his side, revealing the threaded detail that holds the drum skin taught.
art & Culture

Muckleshoot Ancestors and Origins

A historical photo of two Muckleshoot women, who sit in front of a tipi next two two large baskets and smaller woven items.A historical photo of a Muckleshoot elder and two children posing in front of a tipi structure.A historical photo of twelve Muckleshoot Tribal Members posing in various styles of regalia, including large feathered headdresses.A historical photo of several Muckleshoot Tribal Members marching on the Muckleshoot Reservation, and carrying signs calling for American Indian Rights and the honoring of Treaties.A historical photo of beached canoes and camps of Duwamish and Upper Puyallup Peoples, on the shores of what is now known as Seattle.A crowd of Muckleshoot Tribal Members carrying signs calling for recognition of American Indian Rights march alongside a busy road.A historical photo of twelve Muckleshoot Tribal Members pose in front of a building on the Muckleshoot Reservation.A historical photo of a Muckleshoot ancestor standing in a traditional river canoe poses with a long paddle.